Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So you had a bad day...

I went to the dentist. I have two cavities.

I went to the endodontist. I have an infected tooth and need a re-root canal.

I went to the chiropractor. My hip is out of whack.

I have a cold.

Ants are taking over my kitchen.

Boo painted the window, the (formerly) white curtains, the top of her toy box, her white shirt, her green shirt, and her yellow shirt.

But on the bright side....

Boo's paints are washable.

I have leftover post-birth Vicodin. That takes care of my toothache, migraine, hip pain, and body aches. And leaves me with a nice cozy feeling.

My brother-in-law sent me this great youtube video.

I just got Microsoft Office.

And my mom is coming next week.


  1. Nothing is better than having your mom come. Feel better.

  2. I watched the video. SO CUTE. thanks for posting. some days are just like that huh?