Thursday, July 2, 2009


We've decided new baby will be code name Kitty. Cute, and less offensive than 'Puppy'.

Our first two weeks of being a two-child family is behind us, with relatively little drama. Kitty is a sweet, sweet baby. She is on a pretty consistent 3 hour schedule (thanks Babywise). She loves her white noise and swaddle blanket (thanks Happiest Baby on the Block). She's not much of a crier, except when she is ready to eat. Even then she's not so much of a crier as a screamer. Think "Nazgul".

I am feeling good, except for being tired. We have really appreciated all the help and offers of help from friends and family. Thank you!

Boo loves Kitty. She loves to bring her toys, and piles them on top of her. And Boo now loves to hold Kitty. And she's getting the hang of it.


  1. What a cute picture! I'm glad they've gotten used to each other.

  2. Such cute girls!
    Thanks for sharing the books. I recently read "The Happiest Baby on the Block", and a lot of the techniques in there make sense to me. I'll have to look into the other one you mentioned as well! I'm looking forward to trying all this out come December:)

  3. So cute!!!! You have such a happy family!