Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going to Mommy's doctor

So I had a strict no-blogging-while-medicated-policy. But it looks like I may be medicated for awhile, and I'm bored.

I landed myself in the hospital with preterm labor Monday morning. Three (long) ultrasounds revealed no problems with the placenta, and a big and active baby girl. But I got to hang out for the day (and night) for steroid injections (for the baby's lungs) and to be sure everything was okay.

Unfortunately, more contractions and being too dilated and effaced for 31 weeks earned me a 24 hour jaunt with magnesium sulfate. Since this is a family blog, I can't tell you how I really feel. But it sucked.

I came off the mag this morning, and was hoping to be home tonight on bedrest and anti-preterm-labor pills. But the baby is still threatening to make an extra early appearance, so here I am, still hanging out in my comfy hospital bed. They did allow me to venture out of the room via wheelchair to visit the NICU. It was great to get out of my room, and it's a very nice facility, with competent-looking nurses and the latest technology.You can see my fancy "hotel room" with room service here. But I really hope I don't end up living here for the next eight weeks.

Facebook is blocked in the hospital, which seriously cuts into my entertainment. Here's hoping my next post is from home. Boo, on the other hand, loves going to Mommy's doctor. Mostly because of the elevators, free ice, and to throw the money she saved into the fountain.


  1. Oh man...sorry to hear that! I always hated being in the hospital. I'll start praying and crossing my fingers that you get to go home soon. Let me know if you need anyone to watch your daughter. I'm always here!

  2. Andrea! I'm so sorry to hear about your adventure. :) We hope that baby girl stays put for at least a little while longer. We miss you guys and hope all goes well for you.

    Kevin, Nicole and Noah

  3. Bummer. Good luck. I hope you have a big pile of books or something.

  4. Good luck with everything. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I really hope everything goes well. Your room looks nice! Very fancy. Know we love you and our praying for you.

  5. Hang in there, Andrea! Here's hoping you'll be able to go home soon. Lots of love to you!

  6. i heard from your grandma that you weren't feeling well. i'm so sorry! that sucks being on bed rest. here's to hoping you get well and home soon!

  7. Yuck. Sorry to hear that. Hang in there. Hopefully you'll get home soon.

  8. that does not sound like fun! i'm sorry, at least the place is nice. did't brooke come 3 weeks early?