Sunday, April 5, 2009

Downhill fast

I was glad to say good-bye to March and its bi-polar weather.

The first few days of April were great. I passed my glucose screen this time. Did not pass the iron test, but was pleasantly surprised by the teeny iron pills waiting for me at the pharmacy.

Boo and I have been having a lot of fun, making play-doh, walking outside, playing with friends.

Then there was this crayon.....

It was blue.

And it ended up in my dryer.

And then most of Boo's clothes and my white terry cloth robe ended up in the trash.

I thought about taking a is kind of comical. But I'm not there yet.

Lucky for me, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the Mr. Clean who lives with me cleaned up the dryer for me while I mourned the loss of my bathrobe and Boo's khakis that finally fit her so well.

Then there was this other time that Boo drank too much banana milk and puked all over the love sack.

I think I'm ready for April to be over too.


  1. We had a similar experience with a black ink pen and all of Rory's favorite clothes--her pink outfit and her purple outfit. But I couldn't just throw them away. They were all knits so they went straight to the PJ drawer. It does make you want to cry, though. Hopefully April gets over with soon!

  2. Ugh! crayons in the wash are the worst. sometimes i manage to get them out with a quick trip back to the hot water washing machine. sometimes not. especially with khakis...

  3. You know, when you're pregant, life just seems harder. It may never be funny.

  4. I sympathize with you. I lost an entire load of baby sleepers, etc. to a washing machine that had finally had enough of doing the job it was manufactured for and it spit black oil spots all over everything. And then there was the day one of my kids ate too much red licorce and didn't make it to the bathroom in time. That kind of red NEVER comes out of the carpet.

  5. Let me just say "olive oil all over the couch" it has been 2 years and it still isn't very funny!

  6. That is too sad... I'm sorry to hear about your downhill month so far, and we're not quite half way thru yet.I know it will get better!! Congrats on the glucose test. I took it a bit late thus didn't pass the first time... soooo, had to go back for the 3 hour test... passed and am now looking forward to 3 1/2 weeks countdown before GETTING THIS LITTLE BUNDLE OF JOY OUT OF MY POOR STRETCHED BODY!! (Cannot WAIT for the day I can bend over and not worry about smooshing a little one...)... Wahoo!! (Also, congrats on your soon to be new sister in law (LeAnne & Peter!!)..