Saturday, April 18, 2009

Of Mud and Men

The great fence battle has begun.

Last week J found a guy on craigslist to dig the post holes with his bobcat. Infinitely better than renting an auger and digging ourselves.

Unfortunately we then had Easter weekend and three days of rain, so the holes filled up with water and mud instead of posts. J spent the last week of evenings and most of Saturday digging the mud out (don't tell him it's going to rain again tomorrow). Here is one that is mostly re-dug.

Then on to the post planting. I procrastinated and missed my chance of getting a picture of mud splattered J, but here is a clean J looking like a DIY stud.

The corner posts are in, plus two or three regular posts. Not a bad start.


  1. Looks like great fun. Wish I were there. I really like that wheelbarrow

  2. At least you have the holes in your yard... we don't even have that yet. Poor Andrew has had so much going on lately. His Honey Do list is HUGE! Can't wait to see what your fence looks like done!!! Good luck with the job!

  3. she looks like she's ready to dive into that mud!