Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Brunch

Friday morning we had a Valentine's play group with some friends and cousins. We had chocolate chip heart pancakes and strawberries for brunch. (There was supposed to be whipped cream to go with it, but I forgot to whip it.)
There were plenty of kids to go around.

We had a Hershey's Kiss Hunt at the end, and the kids loved it. Boo saved most of her kisses and we have played 'hide treats' several times since.


  1. what a cute idea. it's totally a full-time job being a mom of a toddler and planning activities like this. keep the good ideas coming! yay!

  2. These are really cute pictures, and I like the Hershery's Kiss hunt, but I still think that chocolate chip pancakes are the grossest things in the world.