Monday, February 16, 2009

Cousin Tyler

Boo got to play with her only Hall cousin this weekend. Tyler is such a good kid - he was right at home in our Valentine's brunch madness. After the Kiss Hunt, he wanted to inspect Boo's cup of kisses, so he planted both of his little paws on her knees to get a better look. Boo, ever possessive of what is rightfully hers, immediately hollered, "MY PANTS! MY PANTS!!"
They played together very well all afternoon on Friday. Saturday was a little's so hard to share...hopefully Becca will let Ty come back again so we can practice.


  1. We had so much fun!! Ty loves Brooke and we can't wait to play a lot more!

  2. So cute! Seriously you have the cutest little girl - I can't get over it! I'm sure baby #2 will be just as cute :D