Thursday, February 19, 2009

30 month checkup

Boo had her 30 month well-child checkup this week. She's not a fan of the doctor. Last check up did not go well, so this time around we tried to prep her for what was coming, as she seems to do much better with new things when we talk about it a few days ahead of time. The first time we talked to her about getting a shot, she broke down in tears. The next time she pretended like I wasn't even talking. And then whenever the doctor subject was brought up, she simply said, "No, going to Hannah Noah's."

She insisted that this was the plan all the way up until we walked into the office. I was pretty sure we were headed for meltdown city, but all told she did much better this time around. The shot was bad, but we're (finally) done until kindergarten boosters.

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