Friday, September 26, 2008

Why no pictures?

Well, I'll tell you. I've lost the memory card reader. I'm hoping to find it this weekend, as there are some fun Boo pictures that I know some of you are waiting to see.

After two weeks of rotating illness, I think we're finally pulling it together. It all started with Boo getting hand-foot-mouth (along with about everyone we know), but fortunately that didn't last long. She and J have been fighting colds, and I am finally getting to be not so tired after my bout with strep.

So now I'm busy getting caught up on housework (it never ends...arrrg), etsy orders, paperwork, and sorting through my therapy stuff. I recently went digital (scanned ALL of my therapy papers), but now have to get it all organized and backed up. It was great to get rid of an enormous tub of binders and a drawer of files, but now I don't know where to find anything.

I've found a new way to keep the Boo busy for up to five minutes. She loves to watch slide shows of pictures set to music. At the end of each year, my brother puts together a 'family movie' using Windows Movie of everyone set to cool music. Much like the ever popular wedding video. But if you don't have a Peter to do this for you, Picasa does it all by itself. But the music isn't as cool. It's great for entertaining the small people in your house.

Enjoy the weekend everyone. It's fall.

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