Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby I'm still free, take a chance on me

I had a GREAT girls night out last week...we went to see Mama Mia. Loved it. Even the things I didn't like about it were so laughable that I liked them anyway.

Loved: Two hours of ABBA. Wohoo!

Laughed: Some really goofy choreography, particularly at the beginning of the movie.

Loved: Rosie, the sidekick.

Laughed: Meryl Streep and those silly overalls.

Loved: "You are the dancing queen..." I got all sentimental as I watched all those women dancing on the docks, thinking about my great girl friends.

Laughed: Pierce Brosnan singing "SOS". Seriously, his drama was hysterical. As much as I love Remington Steele, the man was not made for singing.

Loved: Just when I thought my favorite song "Take A Chance On Me" was going to be left out of the movie, Rosie takes it on.

Laughed: Those seventies costumes. Maybe my Halloween costume this year.

Loved: "I have a dream..." at the very end, paired with some a lovely scene on the dock backlit by the moon. Beautiful.

Loved: "Slipping through my fingers..."

Loved: I think that ABBA makes a cameo in the very last shot. Just as I thought I recognized either Benny or Bjorn, the shot was over.


  1. Thanks for straightening me out on the "tremendous girls" Andrea. What I really meant to say was that they were all tremendous, but the guys were not as easy on the eyes as the girls (Melody even agrees).

    As for ABBA. . . how can a guy who served a mission to Sweden not like them, you ask? Well, I think it's because I saw in them the embodiment of everything I thought was wrong about the 70's. If we ever have the time, I'll explain it to you. I can hardly stand to listen to most of their music (though there are some catchy tunes). But I'm mellowing out in my old age, so who knows.

    They were one of three performing groups that were hugely popular in Sweden while I was there during the 70's. In order: Donny Osmond, KISS, and ABBA.

    Go figure.

  2. Andrea, I know this comment is a little slow coming.... but oh my gosh did I LOVE Mama Mia. Meryl Streep is one of my favorites and I was SO excited for this movie to come out. I loved seeing it on the big screen and I thought it was awesome. I do have to agree about Pierce Brosnan - him singing wasn't my favorite. We laughed so hard at the back up singers that appear as if from no where. :) Gotta love musicals. My favorite song was Winner Takes it all. I'm already looking forward to the DVD release!