Sunday, September 7, 2008

My daughter, the flasher

Sorry folks, no picture with this one.

Boo has this really cute denim dress, with snaps from top to bottom. She wore it again this Sunday, couldn't talk her into her pretty pink dress. Partway through church she discovered that she can unsnap herself. She spent the last few minutes of Sacrament Meeting giving me the devil smile and trying to unsnap herself before I caught her. Then on to nursery...where I HOPE she behaved herself. Although as soon as I showed up to do the music, she planted herself right in front of me and ripped open her dress. Picture me trying to lead the kiddies in "The Wheels On The Bus" while snapping her shut.

It gets even better. I collect her from nursery at the end of church, and we are standing in the hallway chatting with friends. I look down just in time to see her turn around to face our friend Thomas, and rrrriiiiip open her dress. From top to bottom. See me turn four shades of red. Thomas has four daughters and a great sense of humor...and is from Las Vegas. Several table dancing and Vegas try-out jokes later, I wipe the laughing tears off my cheeks and snap the little nudist shut.

Now we are about to leave when I notice that we are missing THE PUPPY. (Why do I let her bring it to church?? Oh yes, it's our compromise between bringing no animals and five animals.) So we go in search of the puppy. I'm stopped by Jack who has some papers for me. "Oh thank you" I say politely, and then I hear, "Um, I'm not sure you want her to do that." Unsnapped again, holding the two flaps of the dress open and swaying to her imaginary stripper music. Deep breath, snapping shut, more firm words about how we undress ONLY at home. All I get is a big smile that means I don't have long before it happens again.

A quick search of the nursery room reveals no puppy, only now I come out to find a completely naked child running free. Ok, she still has her panties and sandals on. Where is that dress...oh discarded on the floor. I thank my stars that we take such a long time to get ourselves out of church that there is no longer anyone here to see the nudey show.

I'm sewing the dress shut.


  1. She only stripped for you. She kept herself covered and modest all Nursery long. When I saw her 'superman' for you during singing time I kept thinking...what can you do to help keep that shut. All I could come up with was a belt and and undershirt (for when she figures out the belt doesn't really work). I think your sewing it shut plan is probably better. No more supergirl for Boo!

    Your post was funny. I giggled several times.


  2. Holy cow, Benjy and I are laughing so hard that we are seriously tearing tearing up. Good story. We miss Brooke so much!

  3. Oh, Andrea, this is hilarious! I can totally see Emma doing the same thing! 2-year-olds are so fun, right?! Classic!

  4. Andrea, you are such a good story teller. I was also wiping tears of laughter from my eyes as I read this. You have a very funny daughter. It reminded me of the story when Mom was leading the music in primary and looked down and saw James buttoning his vest over his face...Hmm, it couldn't be from the Hall side of the family.
    We love Brooke!

  5. Anneea...I miss seeing you! That is such a funny story! You always know how to make everything sound SOOO much better! I loved reading about it!
    Happy week!
    Becca Jane:)