Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brite Music

Lately Boo has gotten more interested in listening to music, so I am thinking of getting some of the Brite music albums I used to listen to (on records). The creator of Brite music, Janeen Brady, is an old family friend, and my grandma's next door neighbor for years.

As a kid, I loved listening to The Safety Kids. I was thinking back at the songs they sing about safety, and what a great teaching tool it is. There is a song to help you memorize your telephone number ("I know my number, my telephone number...") and I STILL remember my phone number from when I was six years old because of that song. There is another song about what to do if you get lost ("Look for a grandma or mother with children..."), and what to do if someone you don't know tries to grab you ("Sometimes you've just gotta yell and scream...").

Then there's the Standin' Tall series. There are 12 CD's in the set, each CD is a story, with several songs, about a different value: Obedience, Honesty, Forgiveness, Work, Courage, Happiness, Gratitude, Love, Service, Cleanliness, Self-Esteem, and Dependability. Some are better than others, my favorite is Dependability, featuring CAPTAIN DEPENDABLE. If you click on the links above, you can listen to some of the songs from each CD.

So if you have young kids, head over to Brite Music and check out their sets. They are going digital, so you can download individual songs for 99 cents, or the whole book for $9.99. If you download the book you also get coloring pages. If you prefer to buy the CD and books, you have to buy the entire set.


  1. Oh, my gosh, Andrea! I didn't know they still had the Safety Kids out there! I totally remember those songs, too. We did the Safety Kid plays in elementary school. I was a dancer in the play. So many fun memories your post is bring back to my mind! :)

  2. We liked brite music, but we also loved Sharon Lois and Brham. I wonder if you can still find it?

  3. Cute background! I LOVE all of these, the books, the music... its great! I was the genie in the play Honesty in 1st grade, so that one is dear to my heart! I would love to own all of these one day. I can't help but think of grandma when I see them!

  4. I have to agree, these all have many fond childhood memories! I'm the same way with the phone number song. I love that Emma is starting to get into them like I did as a kid!

  5. My children and I love these too. We found Standin' Tall online for a killer deal. They are great.

  6. Those sound great! I'm going to have to look into those.