Friday, June 6, 2008

Relay For Life

Relay for Life was a lot of fun last weekend. Boo and I started off at 5 pm Friday afternoon. It was probably the warmest and most humid day so far this year. But there was music on the track and fun people to chat with as we walked, so we didn't mind. A few laps into it, Boo decided she would like to walk instead of ride in the stroller, but we didn't get too far before she squatted down on the track to take a break and eat her raisins. I managed to get her off the track into the grass where she found her inner rocker and rocked out to "American Woman". Seriously. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

We headed home around 6:30, and I went back to the track about 10. The luminaria ceremony was already in progress, and I had a great, reflective time walking slowly around the track while the names "In Memory" and "In Honor" were read. I forgot my tripod so my night pictures are a little blurred.
By the time the ceremony was finished, we could see lightening in the distance and the people in charge were getting calls about severe weather headed our way. Most everyone had gone indoors to the gym, but I was lingering on the track with a few friends when the tornado sirens went off. The director of the event freaked out and ordered all of us who were standing around to get into the locker room. It reminded me of that part of the movie "Twister" when Bill Paxton is herding all the teenagers from the drive-in movie into that big warehouse, while the big movie screen is being ripped to shreds in the background from the twister. Except that in our case, there was no twister. Fortunately the sirens didn't stay on too long and I slipped off to home for the night.

[This is the first time youtube has failed clip of that part of "Twister".]

Despite the bad weather Friday night, by the time I got there early Saturday morning, the weather was great. Humid, but not too hot. Again, it was great to walk the track, chatting with great people. Although I heard the event was smaller this year than in previous years, I still had a great time and am already looking forward to next year.

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