Sunday, June 8, 2008

The rain rain rain came down down down...

We have had a lot of severe weather this week, but Saturday was the worst. It started around 6 am with loud and continuous thunder and pounding rain. That continued for hours...I think until after noon. We had some standing water on the back edge of our property - mostly because our neighbor doesn't mow his lawn so the long grass acted as a dam and kept the water in our yard. Our new trees blew over - they didn't break, but the ground was so saturated and the wind so strong that they just blew over. We managed to tie them back upright and they made it through the rest of the storm. We'll see if they survive. The retention ponds in our neighborhood were significantly higher, but not overflowing. We drove up north in the evening, and a lot of homes surrounding our neighborhood had standing water in their yards.

It wasn't until we turned on the tv to watch the gymnastics competition that we realized how much damage had been done in the area by the storm. The worst of the flooding was to the south of us. A town to the southwest was 90% underwater. Adam lives about 10 minutes south of us and has an interesting account of the flooding there and some great pictures. The interstate was closed just south of us.

I must admit that most of my concern has been about the condition of Waterman's strawberry fields. Boo and I were planning to pick strawberries Saturday morning, but had to postpone til Monday morning. Hopefully they've not all washed away.

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  1. Why did you have to put that song in my head? I alays get that one in my head now when it's raining. (We only watch Pooh 12 times a week). ;)