Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boo and Four Siblings

Boo had four siblings this weekend. Cannon is her age, and Isabel, Katie and Olivia are five. Here's what happened.

Boo taught Cannon to say 'mine'.

Cannon taught Boo to say 'airplane'.

There was A LOT of girl drama. Fortunately there seemed to be an unspoken rule between the four girls that only one girl could have drama at a time.

Boo became super possessive of certain things. Such as her Fisher Price bear and lion. They rarely left her hands.

Cannon loved to chase Boo around.

My favorite moment was seeing Boo take refuge (from Cannon) in her high chair, clutching her bear and lion in a panic, screaming hysterically "Mine! Mine!" And Cannon, who wanted nothing to do with her bear and lion, grinning up at her because he was getting such a great reaction.

We watched Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella 2, and The Swan Princess. This was quite different from our typical daily fare of The Lion King, but that was vetoed for lack of princesses.

The only time it was completely quiet was when we had macaroni and cheese for dinner.


  1. Welcome to the world of many kids! You think they grow out of the chasing and possessiveness but I swear it just gets worse. (=

  2. Siblings are the best even when they are borrowed. Especially when they are teaching each other new words. Congratulations on making it through the weekend! I am sure Brooke is appreciating having her Mommy to herself again!

  3. How funny...this is totally my life lately! I've been watching Aya and Cade (Jake's kids) a few days a week while Lynsay is finishing her last two semesters of school. Aya and Emma are very close in age and Cade is almost a year younger. I rarely have 5 minutes without someone shouting, 'MINE!' Cade is just like Cannon where he delights in taunting Emma. He doesn't really want whatever she's possessively protecting, but he sure loves to get the rise out of her. It's definitely an adventure!

  4. Today I visited my sister at her place with my three crazy kiddo's. She only has one 6-month old. After the visit I was painfully aware that not everything my kids do is adorable. I need to hang out with people in a different demographic a little more often...just to keep me on my toes!