Friday, May 16, 2008

Yard Sale Victory

The neighborhood behind us had a community yard sale today. Em, Boo and I went out to see what kind of deals we could score. It started out pretty lame. Lots of houses, no great finds. A few things I liked but that were overpriced for a yard sale.

And then we struck it rich. I found a Fisher-Price farm set, with all its pieces, and a Noah's Ark set, with all its pieces. For yard sale prices. Then there was a magnetic letter book, a puzzle, a Five Little Monkey's board book, and an entire set of peek a boo blocks that I have been wanting for over a year (for a buck). And if that wasn't enough, at our very last stop, I found my most prized yard sale find. A complete Oreo cookie shape game. I got this game when I very first started working, and it was the best game I had for speech therapy. I could get kids of any age to work on just about anything with this game. But then came the preschool years, and soon most of the pieces were missing. I don't think I even took it with me when I left the preschool. But now I have it back.

We have been looking for a little trike for Boo at yard sales, but everything has been too big for her. What sort of bikes are good for two year olds?


  1. I know the answer to this one!!! They have trikes that fold up (we saw them a ToysRUs) that were perfect for Rory--who is almost the size of a two year old. Do NOT get the barbie plastic one at Walmart--no traction on the plastic wheel and the pedals are too far away. They also have ones with a (removable) handle in the back for you to help her learn to ride. Good luck finding one.

  2. We got a basic red Radio Flyer that folds up for Paul last year at Walmart. I was kind of regretting not getting one with the extended handle for an adult to push it without bending down, because that's mostly what he wanted last year. This year, though, he is content to scoot it around himself, so it was probably just as well that in encouraged some independence. He still isn't too interested in using the pedals.