Monday, May 12, 2008


Since Em has been here, we have been running in the morning. It's so great to have a running buddy, and since I know she's waiting for me, it's easier to get myself out of bed and do it. It's been a week now, the sore muscles have passed and my feet are getting over the blisters. And I'm loving it. I'm hoping to do a 5k with a reasonable time in June. I may even invest in a jogging stroller - does anyone have recommendations for a good jogging stroller?


  1. we had a double jogging stoller for a little while that we got from a friend, it was nice except that it was difficult to turn corners, but I know they make them easier to turn now a days. The brand we had was instep the family before us had it for 9 years and we had it for two and it was still in decent condition. unless you'd rather go brand new i'd recomend craigslist!

  2. andrea,

    I have one that I'm looking to unload. It's a schwinn and it's in MINT condition. I loved it but with a 3 kids, a single jogger isn't really useful!

    Call me if you are interested.


  3. Ashley and BrettMay 13, 2008 at 11:31 AM

    Its the best when you have a friend to run with! And your sister, you'll be sad when she leaves! How fun you guys can spend all this time together!