Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Princess Party

Kitty was invited to her first birthday party this month, a Princess Party at Gymboree for a preschool friend.  Boo is friends with her older brother, so Boo was invited as well.

I try really hard to keep the princess-ness to a minimum around here.  But we still have plenty of princess dresses, and Kitty chose the Rapunzel dress.  It was a good choice, it had the shortest hem, making all the gymboree activities a little easier.

Kitty was pleased as punch to dress up and 'twirl'. 

While the cake was being served, they did a pinata.  It was very clever, instead of using a stick to break it open, it had strings for the kids to pull on to bust it open.  Boo didn't quite catch the instructions.  She marched up for her turn, and finding nothing to hit with, gave the strings a good smack with her arm.  Kitty gave the strings a delicate little tug when it was her turn.  Not only did candy tumble out, but sparkly bracelets, rings, and tiny bottles of nail polish. 

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