Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter, 2012

Easter was absolutely beautiful this year.  The spring weather has been unusually mild, so we could have our Easter egg hunt outdoors for a change.

On Saturday, the cousins came over for some Easter egg decorating.  Heather brought an egg painting kit, Kitty's dream come true.  She sat and methodically painted some beautiful eggs for a good 45 minutes.
 Boo utilized all egg decorating supplies and her eggs were works of art.  Then on Sunday morning, she turned 2 dozen decorated eggs into the most delicious deviled eggs we've ever had, with only minimal supervision.

 Easter Sunday was beautiful.  We spent most of the day with the cousins.  The kids were pretty happy about that.
 Rupps have quite an extensive backyard.  I think we had 2 full garbage bags full of Easter eggs to put out for the kids to collect.
 Kitty was only a little excited as she waited to start the Easter egg hunt.

It was darn near perfect.  The Easter egg hunt lasted a good long time, and the kids were finally tired of picking up eggs at about the time they were finding the last of them.  We managed to include only a minimal amount of candy in the eggs, with most of them filled with coins and stickers.  Happy all around!

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