Monday, August 30, 2010

"Fair" is where you go to see the pigs.

The state fair has become quite the tradition for us. We missed having Dad with us this year, in fact Boo wouldn't let us forget that going to the fair is really best done with Grandpa. She remembered Grandpa's words of wisdom, that's it's not the fair if you don't get a sno-cone (or two or three).

But Sara was with us - yay!
We started out in Pioneer Village, and Kitty was enthralled with the animals.

She was also enthralled with the ox yoke and pulled it right down on top of herself. The loop that the ox head fits through went right over her body, so she was unscathed. Except for the bottom lip quiver.

Next we did Little Hands on the Farm. It was old hat for Boo, she remembered how to do everything and couldn't wait to get to the tractors.
And Kitty had so much fun. She didn't drive a tractor and she wouldn't give her grain to the pigs, but she did everything else.
Who knows how to do a slideshow? That's what I need here.

We spent some time in the animal barns, watched some sheep shearings and some draft horse showings. But then it was time for the reason we all go to the fair.

The food.

We started with a bag of kettle corn.

Then tucked in to a smoked turkey leg, corn dog, chicken gyro, and grilled corn on the cob. It was all good, but I still daydream about the smoked turkey leg. The new food at the fair this year was fried butter. I sort of regret not trying it. But sort of not.

Kitty is a fan of corn on the cob. She munched on this for a good long time. Long enough for us to eat in peace, and long enough to make a decent grease mess down her front. :)

I'm already looking forward to next year.


  1. I know there are other sites too, but the site I used for a slide show on mine was it worked out good and there was a way to click on it and go through all the pics at my leisure as well if I missed one, kindof fun, the only part I don't like is that they have some sort of virtual pet advertisement at the bottom. Hope this helps... love all the fun pictures! Your girls are beautiful, they remind me so much of you!