Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to school haircut

It all started with a back-to-school haircut.

I'm new at this back-to-school thing. My mom friends were talking about how busy they were, what with back-to-school haircuts, buying new shoes, finding that cute new outfit for the first day. I realized I needed to get with it.

So Boo got her little trim at Cookie Cutters. We were not impressed, and tried to fix it up a bit ourselves at home. It was okay, but it was late so we put the scissors aside to work on it again another day.

Monday morning. Boo is playing upstairs while I'm feeding Kitty. Suddenly she is by my side, scissors IN HER HAIR saying, "Look, Mom! (snip snip) I cut my hair! (snip snip) I have a cute haircut!"


I followed the trail of blonde hair up the stairs.

And found a really big pile.

She was so proud of herself.

This would happen on the day she was to meet her new preschool teacher.

I took her to my hair stylist for a fix.

And here's what we got.

Not bad, I say. But later that day she sat crying on the stairs...she didn't like her short hair.

Lesson learned?

So tell me what you think. If you like it, I'll be glad to hear it. If you don't, J will be glad to hear it.


  1. I think it turned out really cute. She just looks older, that is all. But still very cute.

  2. At least it wasn't her bangs cut all the way to her scalp. Aspen did that more than once! I think all the girls have cut their hair one time at least. It must a rite of passage for them. I totally love her haircut. It does make her look older now, though, which is sometimes sad for moms.

  3. I think it's cute! :)

  4. It's darling! I think a lot of dads have a hard time seeing their little girl go from long hair to short. It does make her look a little older.

  5. What a super cute hair cut. Though I know what your hubbie means because I'm super protective of Hannah's hair and know that I'll cry like a baby if/when I cut her hair.

  6. I think it is darling. I have almost always had short hair even when I was little. My first hair cut was kinda similar to hers. Yeah I don't like Cookie Cutters either. I had the laday that cut my hair do Brooks for a while and she only charged me a few more dollars than cookie cutters and then I had more hair to cut so I started cutting it my self after lots of reading and asking questions from my stylist.

  7. I think it's a very cute haircut. How could that girl not be cute?

  8. Okay, since all you are hearing is the female side I'll weigh in with my own opinion: it's a very good fix. I agree with Becca, how could this girl not be cute? On the other hand . . . . it is just a fix.

  9. You know I'm a fan of the short bob. So cute!

  10. I love the hair cut! She is adorable.

  11. Oh,I LOVE it!! It is so cute on her. And really, she has the most adorable face. I noticed the short hair in the birthday pictures and was thinking how cute and how brave of you to go short....then I scrolled down to the true story. We have been lucky with 4 girls never to have had a self-haircut!