Sunday, September 6, 2009

There's more to the fair

There is more to the fair than just food.

Boo got to pet a cow.

And we enjoyed Little Hands on the Farm again this year.

It was really hard to move on from the pink tractor.

We almost had a fair disaster after Little Hands on the Farm. She chugged a carton of milk from the general store, and then we headed to the FFA pavilion. On the way I bought a Lemon Shake Up, and offered some to Boo as she loves lemonade. I forgot that she had it, and that she has no self control when it comes to lemonade. When I remembered to take it back, it was just about gone. We got to the FFA pavilion playground when she covered her mouth with both hands and started to scream something about her stomach. Nice. I ran her outside and held her over the garbage can for awhile (didn't we both love that fair food angle). Fortunately there was no puking, and now I know milk and lemon shake ups don't mix.

Her favorite this year was feeding the goats. Which surprised me to no end. This girl does not like to get dirty, and is suspicious of new things getting too close to her. But she loved it.
We finished off the day with a visit to the arts pavilion. Boo loved looking at the quilts. (Btw, my aunt won Best In Show at her county fair for her quilt). The photos were striking. I could have spent a lot longer there, but a three year old only lasts for so long.

I'm already looking forward to next year. You'll come back for that, right Dad?


  1. You are never too young to start looking at quilts :)

  2. You bet I'll be back. I forgot all about that little stomach business, but all it did is slow us down a bit. After a little rest, some time in the playground, and a bit of water, she was back at it with snocones (purple only, thanks) and the rest of it. I suppose it is fortunate that there was no deep fried cookie dough down there to mix up with the milk and lemonade. I love the fair, and there was a lot I didn't get to see, and more that I would like to spend more time on.