Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Children's Museum

We visited the Children's Museum (featured as a Jeopardy clue this past year - the largest children's museum in the country) with my parents while they were here. I love our museum, and the kids had a great time. We visited some exhibits other than playscape for a change. We almost didn't make it past the dancing lights on the floor. They were too much fun to chase.
But then we visited the dinosaurs.

And the Egyptian exhibits. I love that they have so many Egyptian exhibits for the kids while the King Tut exhibit is here. This is the tomb slide. Weird, but hey, it's a slide.
Boo was really looking forward to the merry-go-round. She talked about it all morning. And when we went upstairs to ride it, she could hardly stand it until we got on. She picked out her animal, sat on it, and the minute the gate was closed to start the ride, she dissolved into hysterics. Sobbing, clinging to me, covering her ears with her hands. I was so relieved when the ride ended and we started to get off. Hysterics were renewed because she wanted to ride it again. Seriously? Okay, maybe she just needed to warm up. So we get a new animal. And she sobs and screams through another ride. And begs to go again. By ride #5 there is no more sobbing, just clinging. And by the sixth (and final) ride, she is enjoying herself enormously. Huge smile, waving as she passes by, "Look grandma, no hands!"

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