Monday, December 1, 2008

What the Smith boys said...

Check out this list of hilarious kid sayings. I laughed out loud at most of them. A few of my favorites:

Simon, in a toga, with an accent: “I am Caesar Augustus! And I decree that from now on, all children in this house may consume candy at their pleasure!”

Simon, about to put his face in the empty donut box: “I will now glean the fields.”

Nathan: “Since I’m not going to college, can I have that money in my allowance?”

Nathan, to the waitress at SuperSalad: “May I see the wine list?”


  1. I just read what the Smith boys said & it was hillarious! Who are those people? There is nothing safe & sane about a family full of boys - I know from experience - but it is a funny existence.

  2. THIS WAS SO FUNNY. Oh my gosh. Do you know those people? Or is that just a blog you read? I cried I laughed so much. My husband was like, "what is so funny??" My favorite one was where the boy said the biggest threats to mankind were nuclear bombs and squash soup.