Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas shopping

Last night we made it out Christmas shopping. All of our babysitters were off seeing The Nutcracker, so we took Boo with us. And it's actually possible to get shopping done if one entertains the Boo and the other does the shopping. And then we're together in the car. So I tossed my grand idea of doing all my shopping at Target for the silly reason that I had a $5 off coupon at United Art and Education. Since I planned to get a lot of crafty things for Boo, this seemed perfect. Get all the crafty things at UAE, save my five bucks and then finish up at Target. But what I did not realize is that for being an ART store, UAE is possibly the most disorganized and lacking store ever. I found the crayons on my own, and the glue by accident, but had to ask an associate and traipse all over the store for everything else. What a pain. And then later at Target I walked down two gleaming aisles of everything I could have hoped for IN ONE PLACE. Now I know that Target will always be the answer, even if you have a coupon for someplace else.

We spent quite awhile in Target and nearly finished our Christmas shopping. Another 1000 points for Target. Does anyone know where I could find an easel?

Boo and I spent the morning wrapping presents and watching the Peter, Paul and Mary Christmas Concert. Boo is enthralled by Peter, Paul and Mary - FINALLY, someone who is happy to watch it with me! What good taste.

Boo is unbelievably good about letting us wrap up all this good stuff. After it's wrapped she puts it under the tree...and leaves it alone. She occasionally reorganizes the packages, and is FURIOUS when J tries to 'fix' them...who's in charge here anyway? But she hasn't yet tried to open them. Although she remembers what's in them. I told her we would have some cold pizza for snack this morning, and while I went to the kitchen, she dragged out the wrapped package of play food from under the tree. That happens to have some pretend pizza in it. What a smart girl.


  1. Yes, you have a great little girl there -- and she has an incorrigible grandma here. But that Boo is really smart, and never misses a thing. She also has a real mind of her own, remember that green slide in Fairytale Town? What a character.

  2. Oh yes, and what kind of a treat is cold pizza???? You two must share more with your mother/grandma than just your good looks.

  3. Dad made me some very simple easels to give to the nursery leaders in our stake. Just a fold out one but it works well. Talk to him and I'll bet he would make you one if that would work for you.

  4. They sell easels at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. If remember right, they aren't cheap though.

  5. Isaac is getting an easel from my mom so I've done a lot of research this year!! Amazon has some, with free shipping. and you'll get it before xmas. Ikea (do you have one?) but we got the step 2 plastic one cheeper then anyplace at walmart... we got it off line and sent it to the was like 35? Then they got a new batch in at the store just after that. Good luck!!!! Every place else is around 50.

  6. My my, I would not have guessed you to be a Peter, Paul and Mary fan. But I'm glad to hear that it is something you can share with yet another generation.

    On the easels, if you are feeling carpenterish, go to Home Depot and get four lengths of 1x2 and a 4 inch round head bolt with a washer and nut. Finish the 1x2s with a quick coat of something for a nicer end product. Lay three of the 1x2s together and line up one end, then drill a hole through all three large enought to just let the bolt pass through. Put the washer and nut on. Cut a length from the other 1x2 and screw it to the outer two 1x2s that you bolted together. This makes the ledge to set things on. You could also use a router to make a notch in it before attaching it (and paint it to match the rest). An 12-18 inch length of chain linking the middle 1x2 and the cross piece will help keep it from falling down on slick surfaces. I figure the total cost of this to by about $10-12 and an hour's work.