Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blink of an eye

I blinked, and November disappeared. It's a poor excuse for my lack of posting this month, but there it is.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving week, during which we took no pictures. I know. Boo and I did a bit of Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. We had a great time until the very end when she took off through men's clothing and the only way I found her was because she was laughing hysterically at having given mom the slip.

All three of us ventured out on Black Friday, which we have never done before and will never do again.

So this has solidified my decision to do all my Christmas shopping online. Most of it will have to be shipped anyway, why not let someone else do it?? So Cyber Monday, here I come.

If that doesn't work, I'll try cjane style: "By-the-way I have decided that I'm doing all my Christmas shopping at Target. If Target doesn't stock it, don't ask me for it. And, I am going to do it all in one day. Shop from nine to noon, take an Archer Farms catered lunch and resume from one to eleven. Don't call me that day."

We did get our Christmas tree up and lit in one afternoon, a far cry faster than last year. It still needs ornaments, hopefully that will get done this evening. Boo loves the lights on the tree, and the lights on the houses. She calls them "creamy lights".

And for those of you who are anxious for pictures of Boo, visit my parents' blog, where my mom put together a slideshow of pictures of our trip to music. About half of the pics are from Fairy Tale Town, the post still sitting in my draft box. :)

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  1. You are so fun, Andrea. I miss you! Have you had your day at Target yet? We decided to go homemade this year. I am working on it... I could amend your quote to say 'don't call me until after Christmas is over' to fit me ;) I created another blog to display all my fun creations so that my family would not see them. It is called I have not made much yet, but... hopefully it will get done - sometime - in the next three weeks!

    Have a happy day! :)