Sunday, August 17, 2008

THE FAIR - Part the second

Once we finished Little Hands on the Farm, we had lunch and headed to the other end of the fairgrounds. I took Cannon and Boo on the carousel while the older girls rode the Ferris Wheel.
Yeah, they were pretty tired.

Next we found the cow barn, and Boo and Cannon went nuts. They hollered "cow, cow, cow" and pointed the entire time we were there. The cows were just sitting on piles of hay, not in stalls or behind bars or anything. The kids loved it.

We saw an enormous draft horse up close and personal as we walked through the alley to the draft horse barn. The horse's back was taller than me. The owner led him over to the kids in the stroller and they looked up up up in amazement. The horse bent down and snuffled Boo's head, ooo, she didn't really care for that. Bad breath. The horses were just gorgeous, I could have looked at the horses all day.

We saw the pigs and the sheep before we decided to head home. Olivia noted that this sheep was wearing his pajamas.
I've never skipped her nap before, and Boo really kept it together pretty well. Except for our trek out of the fairgrounds, when the stroller was soundly rejected and I had to carry her (the next morning I could barely move my arm). She fell asleep as we walked out, and that's when we had our only casualty of the day. She dropped her beanie baby dog somewhere along the way. :( It was such a cute little dog, I was a little sad. Fortunately she hasn't missed it too much, I have been able to distract her with her other animals.

Join us next time for ice cream and presents...


  1. This farm sound like so much fun. Benjy and I agree that we think we would probably enjoy it more than the kids.

  2. Your fair looks like it was a ton of fun. I am jealous, ours looks pathetic compared to yours. Brooke looks darling as always!

  3. HEY! I totally forgot to tell you happy birthday yesterday! I'm a loser of a friend, but there it is. I hope that your day was special and that you got a totally awesome cake! -- Rach