Monday, August 25, 2008

After the fair...

We had a great evening after we got home from the fair. Some good friends came over to celebrate Boo's birthday...the cake was dispensed with, but we had some awesome homemade ice cream - strawberry and dark-dark chocolate.
Boo had a great time ripping open wrapping paper, and gasped with excitement every single time. My mom made her a beautiful ladybug quilt, and Boo just loves it. Mom also gave her this great fishing puzzle. If you have a two year old, you ought to look for this Melissa and Doug puzzle. The puzzle pieces come with a metal spot on top and a fishing pole so you can 'fish' the pieces out. Boo played with this almost exclusively for two days.
Then there were the stuffed animals. She got a soft stuffed elephant that she sleeps with every night now. Then Boo's friend took her to Build-A-Bear where she built a darling panda that has rarely left her side. That girl is so funny about her stuffed animals. She has this stuffed puppy that our good friends (hi Jenny & Bryan & Lily) gave her that has been her constant companion. One day I wrapped up her baby doll in a blanket, kissed it, rocked it, then gave it to Boo to try. She looked at the baby for a minute, then her eyes lit up as she dumped the baby onto the floor, and tenderly wrapped up her puppy, kissed it and rocked it.


  1. My kids would much rather play with stuffed animals than baby dolls. I thought it would change when they got older but nope! No babies in the stroller or shopping cart. Just stuffed animals.

    That puzzle sounds great. I love the Melissa and Doug stuff. We had a firetruck one that made firetruck sounds when you finished it--then we lost some pieces and so now, it makes noises everytime you turn off the light!

  2. I love Melissa and Doug! My mom gave Isaac like 8 puzzles for his birthday, one of them is the fishing one. He's so great at taking them out and putting them back! Its way fun! I love all his puzzles, they are such great quality! Looks like she had a great birthday! By the way, Brett was looking through your blog and ran across that picture your husband posted that he thought Boo liked like... and you can tell him.. he thought they looked a lot alike!

  3. I can see the quilt and it is very cute. I can see why she loves it.