Friday, August 15, 2008

THE FAIR - Part the first

I have been putting off blogging about Boo 's birthday because we had such a great time and took so many pictures. So I'll do it in parts so I get it done.

We started the day with a trip to the fair with some friends. I found that seven kids age five and under have NO desire to stand together for a group picture, so here's the best I got. All the kids are IN the picture, even if no one is actually looking at me. Who wants to look at me when you can look at calves?

We started off on the tractors...maybe kids weren't supposed to climb on them, but there was no sign forbidding it and we couldn't resist.

Then we headed to Little Hands on the Farm, walking through Pioneer Village on our way. A friendly farmer type in overalls but no shirt was cooking crackles (pig skin and fat) in an enormous dutch oven over an open flame. I regret that we didn't get back to taste them when they were done.

Little Hands on the Farm was more fun than I had anticipated. The kids started off getting a bucket and apron, and oh how Boo loves her buckets and bags.

She scooped corn from the 'silo' to later feed to the pigs.

She collected eggs from the henhouse.

She planted a seed and picked a vegetable from the garden.
She picked an apple from the orchard.
She rode a tractor (and it was so hard to leave the tractor behind).
More of the tractor gang.

Rested from all the work to take a look at the tigers, because it's not every day the tigers visit the farm.

She 'sheared the sheep'.

And milked the cow. Hands down the favorite activity of all. She got a bit pushy at this station.

She took her goods to the market and got paid.

And spent her money right away at the general store on a granola bar.

To Be Continued...


  1. Oh me goodness! This looks like so much fun! I would love to take Isaac here! She looks like she's having a blast... can't wait to see what else! Thats a full day in its self!

  2. How fun! She's such a cutie - I can't believe she's 2