Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot, but potty trained

We've had a mild summer so far, but this week we hit the 90's with plenty of humidity to go around. Perfect time for a two year old air conditioning to break, no? We spent three days with no AC, and while it wasn't as bad as I imagined, it wasn't that fun either. There was a lot of celebrating when the repairman came with our new new fan motor this evening.

But we beat the heat, and Boo beat the diaper game. Wahoo! That girl has been accident-free during the day since Wednesday. Who knew dark chocolate M&M's were so motivating. Maybe a little too motivating...she asks to sit on the potty at least twice as often as she needs to, peeks in the empty potty, claps and says 'yay' and demands her treat.


  1. Brooke is one clever girl! She has good taste too! I love dark chocolate M&M's!

  2. Okay, so this is not a response to this particular post per se, but I got your comment on Chad Hardy. What's the story with him!?! (If you know it -- I'd be way curious to find out.) Hmm, I'm sensing a new blog topic here for you . . .

  3. COngratulations! Potty training is a developmental milestone that you never wish to have back! It is very liberating to have a child using the toilet. One word of advice- I'd still put her in pull-ups on longer car rides until she "proves herself" with public restrooms... it can be tricky... but yeah! The hard part is over! (Just keep that carpet spot cleaner on hand!)