Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Pie

We recently celebrated J's birthday, and what says 'happy birthday' better than a banana cream pie?? Isn't it beautiful? I love the toasty meringue peaks. Check here for the recipe.

I had a bit of cream and bananas that wouldn't fit in the crust, so I made some banana cream cups that turned out pretty well. Boo enjoyed them.
I have to admit I'm a little disappointed that my family isn't into the traditional birthday cake thing. I have been looking forward to using my creative genius to make some great birthday cakes. But J opted for the pie rather than the cake. I spent days searching for the perfect puppy cake for Brookie's birthday, but after finally finding it, it occurred to me that she doesn't even like cake. As fun as it is to make cakes, it's a little disappointing if no one wants to eat it. So I think I'll do a layered ice cream cake for Boo instead of the brilliant puppy cake.

I wonder if my mom felt the same way - once I got to be 12 or so, I never wanted a birthday cake either.


  1. Your pie is beautiful! I'm so impressed!

    I loved the fun cakes mom would make for us. I'm excited to make one for Jeff soon. Luckily we like cake - I don't think I could pull off a pie - you can cover your mistakes with icing!

  2. Wait! You give them a choice? Is that allowed? We don't do cake for my birthday or hubbys because they are 6 days apart--so we do eclaires or strawberry shortcake or something little and easy.

  3. Beautiful pie! Paul is the same way... it was chocolate cheesecake last year and pear crumble this year... he doesn't even LIKE chocolate cake (I know, I didn't know this before we got married). Luckily he's so great in all other areas.