Monday, February 25, 2008

Tagged By Ashley

I've been tagged by Ashley...awhile back, but I keep forgetting to do this.

10 years ago...I was finishing up my Associates at Ricks College (which sadly, is no longer a 2 year junior college, but a big 4 year University), panicking about which college to transfer to, and freezing my tail off.

Snacks I enjoy...granola, hummus and pita, thin mint cookies

5 things on my to-do list today ... grocery shopping, finish family movie from 2006 (that's been on my to-do list awhile), pilates, vacuum, register for a conference

If I were suddenly a billionaire...Buy a lot of fabric. The expensive kind. And every kind of cheese in the store. In the Sam's Club size. And a fence for my yard and a fire pit. And fresh flowers every day for my house - upstairs and downstairs. And then I would start a business.

3 bad habits...procrastination, worrying, I hate cleaning the bathrooms.

5 places I have lived...Cali, Maryland, Idaho, Utah, Indiana

Jobs I have had...gas station attendant, picking out tomato skins at a tomato processing plant, dishwasher in a cafeteria, cashier in a cafeteria, office help, house cleaner, clinic assistant, research assistant, special education aide to a high schooler, speech therapist in nursing homes, schools, hospitals.

Things most people don't know about me...Well, there is a reason why people don't know those things. They are MY skeletons. But here are some harmless ones. I would love to have a small business of my own. Small, but successful. I was painfully, embarrassingly shy until graduating from college. Scared to death to talk to anyone but my closest friends. I still think of myself as shy, but I like to think that I manage it better now.

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