Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Potty Training

We started potty training on Friday. I've been talking about doing it for some time, but finally got a break between illness and busy-ness. Boo loves to sit on the potty and can tell me (sometimes) when she needs to go, and she HATES her diapers. Diaper changing time is not a happy time at our house.

So far we have a nice little system going. We go to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so, or whenever she tells me she needs to go. She went through a phase one night where she insisted on sitting on the potty every 10 minutes (but not actually going potty), and I started to regret this potty business.

I got her some princess panties to wear under her diaper....so she can feel when she is wet, but doesn't make a mess. We've tried the Feel 'N Learn pullups, but I don't think she can feel the wet as well with those.
Boo LOVES her panties. The first morning that I got them out, she grabbed them all up in her arms and toted them downstairs, where she stuck her arm through the leg hole of each one til she was 'wearing' all seven pairs on her arm. But then we put a pair on her bum, and she thought that was even better. So she gathered up the other six pairs and put them all on. (No picture of that one, sorry.) I decided I would be in big trouble if she wet all her panties at once, so the extras had to come off.


  1. The thing that helped us was having a chart on the bathroom door. She helped make it and got a sticker every time she went. It really helped and she was so proud of herself. When we filled the chart, she got a little toy.

  2. She is so cute! I remember those days and just hope that she stays positive for you. I have tried everything under the sun and it seems something different worked for each kid. Just goes to show how individual they can be. (= Good luck!

  3. wow. good luck. :) I hope it goes well for you! It sounds like she is ready!