Saturday, January 25, 2014

Halloween, 2013

Halloween fell on a Thursday this year.  For whatever reason, I was particularly dreading trick-or-treating this year.  So when the weather looked to be absolutely terrible on Halloween night, I was so happy.  Perfect excuse to get out of trick-or-treating while saving face.  Except then the city just changed the day of trick-or-treating to Friday.  Thanks a lot Indy.

So Thursday morning while the girls were in school, I scrambled to put together an indoor Halloween party.  They went on a scavenger hunt in the dark, indoor trick-or-treating, and to finish it off we played Halloween Bingo.

And then we went trick-or-treating on Friday.

Kitty found this ladybug costume that the girls wore when they were babies.  
Size 18 months. 
 "It fits!" she says.
It does zip up.

Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without a little costume drama.  I messed up with the bat wing purchase, but check it out, I MADE these bat wings.

Kitty's Friday costume.  So many choices!  I was personally more fond of this costume than the ladybug.

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