Monday, September 5, 2011

Kitty at the zoo

Boo and her little friend went to bible school for a week in July. Boo loved it. And it was a nice change up in the middle of the summer.

One morning while Boo was bible schooling, Kitty and I braved the heat and headed for the zoo. We had a great time, and it was nice for Kitty to move at her own pace rather than Boo's.

We spent a long time at the monkey cage. I'd like to say it was because the monkeys were very active and entertaining, but really it was because Kitty was enthralled with the giant rocks in their cage.
I tried to take some pictures with both Kitty and the animals in the frame. Which means I got a lot of pictures of Kitty's back. But the cheetah one turned out great. The cheetah was resting in the shade right up against the glass. Kitty had her hand on the glass and it kinda looks like she's petting the cheetah.

Is it just me or is it crazy that there is a cheetah on the other side of the glass from my two year old?

The elephants, trying to stay cool.

And no visit to the zoo would be complete without time at the playground.

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