Friday, June 11, 2010

Where are they now - part 1

Let's start with an update on Kitty.

She is almost one. Can you believe it?
She doesn't have a ton of hair, but what she does have is completely out of control.

She is a stair champion. She goes up and she goes down. Although she does need help getting started backing down the stairs. She tends to lay on her belly, parallel to the stairs, and kick around like a beached whale, trying to get her feet over the edge of the first stair.

When stairs aren't available, she makes do with a slide. She climbs up the slide and stands at the top, surveying her backyard kingdom.

She has one word. MOM. She has one volume. NOT QUIET. She only talks when she is awake.

She thinks signing is the greatest. Each sign is followed by a round of applause for herself. Cheese is her favorite sign. Followed closely by more, milk, all done and elephant, with bedtime bringing up the rear.

Destruction is her game. She cleans out my cupboards, dumps baskets of toys, spreads her mayhem far and wide. To be fair, Boo helps her out with this.

She's my babe.


  1. And what a babe she is! Just wait until she starts walking . . . I'll bet she'll have only one speed - not slow. Of course we'll miss the way she crawls, kind of, with her one leg up in the air.

  2. AND you are totally beautiful. You look FANTATSIC! What a cute family you have! And lucky you, Wesley still isn't saying "mom." Sigh. We are currently getting "cuckoo," which my hub likes to say is an adjective for Mom, but no mom. Lucky you.