Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dump the spinach, keep the cookies

Boo likes to carry around bags. So when she pulled a couple of bags out of the freezer, I didn't make a fuss. They'll keep her entertained while I finish the lasagna. But then she proceeded to dump a bag of frozen spinach on the floor under her high chair (where all unwanted food goes to die). Of course she then dutifully throws away the now-empty spinach bag (note to self: now that she knows "Garbage goes in the garbage", teach "Spinach stays in its bag").

As I'm cleaning that up, I notice the bag of chocolate chip cookies tucked safely into the corner of her high chair. Now she has a stash for when dinner isn't quite up to standards.

Speaking of cookies and bags, yesterday she was standing on her chair helping me make dinner. She was clutching a baggie, not unusual for her. She usually has a baggie of raisins by her side. Not until it was too late did I realize she actually had J's bag of no-bake cookies. Ah well, at least they had oatmeal in them. Four no-bake cookies must equal at least one serving of whole grain.


  1. Lol. At least she knows what she likes.

  2. She sounds like she is full of personality not to mention good taste. At least you know that she can appreciate the sweet side of life. What a good helper!

  3. I always die laughing at your cute little thing! Wish we lived closer!