Thursday, March 6, 2008

B is for Brookie, that's good enough for me...

Boo is the resident smarty at our house, learning her letter sounds. J thinks (and I think he is right) that she thinks letters are like animals and they all make a sound. But that's not so far off is it? She has learned more than half of her letter sounds. Her favorite toys are her soft letters and Fridge Phonics. She will even sing along a little bit to the letter song. The other day she pointed out the letters on my Old Navy t-shirt.


  1. That's a cute way to teach it - that letters are like animals. That's what I'll tell Paul when we work on letters.

  2. My kids have all loved the Leap Frog fridge phonics. We got Rory the animal farm one two easters ago and they all still play with it. It is so funny (and surprising) the first time you hear them singing "the R says rrrrr, the R says rrrrr. Every letter makes a sound, the R says rrrrr." Do you have the videos as well?