Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Costumes 2012

Ahh, the joys of selecting a Halloween costume. 

Baby jaguar was the obsession of the moment for Kitty.  Her kitty costume from last year was easily re-named a baby jaguar costume, and it still fit nicely.  Done and done. 
Kitty even had a baby jaguar jacket that completed her look.  She was brave in the cold.  And it was cold. 

Boo's costume was a little trickier.  How To Train Your Dragon was her favorite movie at the time, and she wanted to be the black dragon (is his name Toothless?).  I'm afraid that was stretching my creative skills a little too far, and Grandma (AKA the Costume Genius) is out of the country.  They do, of course, make How To Train Your Dragon costumes for purchase, for a mere $85.  Not going to happen, my friend. 

Fortunately, a friend offered to loan us their dragon costume, and Boo kindly agreed to be a green dragon rather than a black one.  Crisis averted. 

It was a tad big, but the important thing was that it was very warm and dragon-ish.

Boo has nothing but sympathy for poor, helpless stuffed animals with no Halloween costume, and talked me into making her dog a witch costume.  It took me longer than it needed to, but I managed to cobble together a black skirt and cape from leftover fabric from previous years' costumes.  We completed the look with a cute little witch hat that the amazing Grandma made for newborn Kitty a few years ago. 

We had a marvelous time trick-or-treating with three other families in the neighborhood.  It was quite chilly, but that just meant the kids were willing to pack it in at a reasonable time.  Everyone came in to warm up, and the kids watched How To Train Your Dragon while "sorting" (eating as much as they could get away with) candy.  The adults sat by the fire and chatted while eating the candy taxes.

Another successful Halloween!

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  1. Love the costumes. The girls looked so cute.