Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bee Farm

This summer was very, very hot.  Very hot.

On a very, very hot day in July, we trekked out to Hunter's Honey Farm with some friends.  The warehouses were not air conditioned, but the tour necessitated that we spend some time checking out the stuff there.  But the tour guide was interesting, the girls loved checking out the bee stuff.  No one fainted or melted away and we made it back to the air conditioned gift shop to taste at least 12 different varieties of honey.  

Did you know that honey has healing properties?  Smear that good stuff on your scrapes and sores, it's better than neosporin.

 And at the end of the tour, the girls got to fill their very own honey bears.  They stepped right up and flipped the switch, and despite my anxiety, filled their honey bears perfectly.  No sticky, expensive honey overflowing everywhere. 

Very happy day, despite the heat.  But then, it's always a happy day when we get to eat a lot of honey and hang out with Daphne.

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  1. A bee farm! With 12 different types of honey. A dream come true. I love honey. I just discovered that Winco has honey in there bulk section that is so good, I'm never going back to the bottled kind.