Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at the Zoo

As I've said, Em and Nathan stayed with us for a couple of weeks.  They were so fun, as well as really good sports. 

One of the first things we attempted to do was go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Winter Solstice celebration.  I got home from work, we had dinner and set off for the IMA.  We had to take two cars, I had Em and Nathan and Kitty with me.  J had the GPS, so I of course got lost, but we finally made it.  Traffic was horrendous, I couldn't find the underground parking, and then Kitty puked all over herself and my coat.  Nice.  So we gave up and tried to get home without even ever finding the parking lot.  I couldn't find the freeway, but headed for downtown, I'm better at navigating downtown.  Unless there is a home Colts game.  Which there was.  By some miracle we made it home so I could spend the evening cleaning up puke.  And watching the Colts lose.  Again.

Christmas at the Zoo went much better. 

So it was cold...but not as cold as it could have been.  It was crowded, but there were so many fun activities and things to see. 

 Emily helped Boo write a letter to Santa.

 Boo took control of the camera for awhile.

 My beautiful blonde girls.
  J ended up taking the girls home and Em, Nathan and I went over to the conservatory to see the poinsettia display.  I loved this gorgeous, massive tree.

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