Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple Orchard

The autumn fun keeps on coming. 

 J had a day off, so we took the girls to the apple orchard to run through a corn maze. We did the big one first, and it took us a looooong time. 

And it was hot.  Both girls were piggy backed by the end.

And they celebrated when we finally found the exit.

Then the girls picked pumpkins for carving.

Carving pumpkins was a lot of fun, and we got creative.  Although Boo was completely grossed out by pumpkin innards. 

A few days later, the girls and I met Heather and her kids at the Apple Orchard for another round of the kids' corn maze, pumpkin hunting, and playing on their awesome play set.  The kids ran the smaller corn maze completely on their own. 

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