Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kitty

Here we are, already at the end of the crazy and fun month of June. We celebrated Kitty's second birthday this month.

We played at a splash park...
...and had Chocolate Cheerios for breakfast.

She loved opening her gifts.
Her new puzzle was a hit (as was the sidewalk chalk that you can see on her shirt)...

...and she was a huge fan of the pillow pet from Grandma. She grabbed a blanket and snuggled right down.
She loved the 'cake' (fruit tart with vanilla pastry, I loved it too). She squealed when she saw it and grabbed a raspberry.
I must say that she has risen to the occasion of being two. She insists on doing everything herself. She pats her chest and shouts, "My! My!", meaning of course, "I'll take care of this myself, thanks."

She has ditched her little potty seat and sits on the potty like everyone else. I'm quite impressed with her balance. Occasionally she falls in, but she just says, "Uh!" and pulls herself out with a giggle.

She loves to tell Boo to "shhhh", which dissolves Boo into tears every time. She adores Hide and Seek, Duck, Duck, Goose, puzzles, counting, and letters. Dogs still rank up at the top of the list of things she loves, followed closely by bears and her books.

Happy Birthday, Kitty!

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  1. I can't believe she's two! What a sweetheart - the tart looks delicious too!