Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011, here we come

We had a rough December.

I am hoping we got all the drama and illness out for the entire winter.

I wish we could say we got all the snow and frigid weather done with for the winter as well, but it's not looking good. We're in for about 5" of snow today.

We are getting back into the routine of school and work and the rest of life.

So far this year...

Boo is in love with Broadway music. At the top of her list is Wicked. Her favorite song is "What is this feeling?" and she knows all the words. I'm so proud that at four years old she knows words like "loathing" and "detestation". Also "unadulterated".

Sound of Music
comes in second place. She loves the end with the Nazi soldiers, she calls them the 'nasty soldiers'. She loves to announce, "The nuns are the good guys, even though they broke the cars."

Thanks to the Oscar the Grouch song, "I Hate Christmas", Boo has picked the phrase, "I hate that". So we're trying to replace that with, "I don't prefer that." So now she yells, "I don't free-fur that!" And it's hard to take her seriously.

Kitty is in an eat-everything, sleep-a-lot phase, hopefully making up for her eat-nothing, cry-a-lot sick phase. She is fascinated with the potty, so I'm hoping for a quick potty training phase when we get to that. She loves her books and her dogs. She loves to color, but is limited to crayons as she has the bad habit of biting the tips off of markers.

Here's to a great 2011!

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